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A gentleman by the name of James Boniface Schriever started the studio back in the late 1890’s.
(I still have some of his negatives that were shot on glass plates in contrast to the plastic negatives of today.)
 Mr. Schriever had the studio until New Year’s Day of 1943 when he passed away from a heart attack during a photo shoot of a child (could you imagine being the mother of that child?)
During that time, two sisters worked for Mr. Schriever.

The Powell Sisters took over the studio and renamed it Powell Studio.
 They had the studio from 1943 until the early 1960’s, when their darkroom technician Harry Mokis took over.

Under the Mokis ownership, Powell Studio had photographed many prominent political officials and all of the Bishops in the Scranton Dioceses.
He had the studio until 1983.

In 1983, a woman by the name of Ann Boyer bought the studio from the Mokis’.
 I started my career at Powell Studio in 1983, and in 1997 had the opportunity to buy the studio from Mrs. Boyer.

 Now, I own one of the oldest portrait studios in the country today.
 When a girl comes in for her bridal portrait, chances are that we photographed her mother and her grandmother.

We are a full service studio.
 Our studio portraits include children, engagement, bridal, anniversary, family, high school seniors, communion, publicity, and boudoir. In the studio, 90% of our portraits are photographed in B&W.
 We also offer the most fabulous Tinted Portraits. 

Our Location photography services include Schools, Sports, Weddings, Reunions, Commercial, and Family Portraits in the home.
 Our portraits can be finished in Color, B&W, Sepia, and B&W Tint.

I was fortunate to be able to photograph a former Pennsylvania Governor in the 1990’s.
 Also, in 2008 I photographed Vice President, Joe Biden.
 In 2006, I was the recipient of “The Top 25 Business Women in Northeastern Pennsylvania”.
 -Gigi Holmes, owner

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Engagement and Bridal Sessions:

1. When should I make my Engagement or Bridal Appointment?
A: You should make the appointment approx. 6 weeks before you want to announce it in the newspaper.

2. How long does it take to get the proofs back?
A: It takes approx. 1 week to see the proofs.

3. What should I wear for the Engagement photo?
A: You should wear something simple. Solid colors work best. We also have tube tops available for our “Bare Shoulders” look.

4. Can the finished photos be mailed if I live out of town?
A: Yes

5. Should I bring my own Bouquet for the Bridal Session?
A: No, we have silk flowers here.

6. How much makeup should I wear for my Bridal Session?
A: Wear your makeup a little heavier than normal.

7. How long does an Engagement Sitting take?
A: An Engagement sitting last approx. ½ hour.

8. How long does a Bridal sitting take?
A: A Bridal sitting takes approx. 1 ½ hours.

General Portrait Questions

1. Is there a Sitting Fee?
A: Yes

2. How long does it take to get the proofs back?
A: It takes approx. 1 week to see the proofs.

3. Can the finished photos be mailed if I live out of town?
A: Yes

4. How do we view our proofs?
A: You view your proofs online

5. How long do you keep our Images?
A: Approx. 5 years

6. Can I change outfits during the session?
A: Yes

7. What are my portrait finishing options?
A: You can have your portraits done in Color, B&W, Sepia, or Color Tint.

8. How long do the finished photos take to be complete?
A: Approx. 6 weeks

High School Seniors Questions

1. Do you have packages for Senior Photos?
A: Yes

2. Do I have to order from one of the Senior Packages?
A: No, you may pay for your sitting fee then order a la carte.

3. Can I bring a few changes of clothes?
A. Yes

4. Do you have Graduation announcements and Thank You Notes?
A: Yes

5. Can I bring my own props for my Senior photos?
A: Yes, you can bring any type of uniform you may be involved with or musical instruments.

6. Can I get my name on the wallets?
A: Yes

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